Secretary-Treasurer Candidate - Carlie K. Jackson

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"An intractable problem can only be resolved by stepping beyond conventional solutions." — Ozymandias

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Re: Secretary-Treasurer Candidate - Carlie K. Jackson

Let's record the candidate statement for posterity, and accountability.

I want you to know that I'm not running for myself, but for you, for this union. I am here for my son and daughter, who have benefited so much from the work that this union has done. Recently I heard a speech from Andy Stern, SEIU International President, about the vision for the future of our own union. It was very familiar to me since SEIU 503 has already led the way into the future by organizing unorganized workers, in fields that were never before considered. We have worked very hard for a better future for all workers in Oregon with raises in minimum wage and a fight for better, less costly health care for everyone, to name just a couple.

I have served in several different capacities within this union and worked on a number of the campaigns that helped to make a difference for the working people of Oregon. I understand what it is like to negotiate with our bosses and stand up for worker's rights. I have served as an officer for Sub-Local 218 and have been regularly attending Statewide board meetings and executive board meetings for the last year as well as several other committees, including Rules, so I understand the process behind the running of our union. I understand the need to organize unorganized workers and the part that politics and especially politicians play in that effort. I believe in the necessity of forming alliances with other unions as well as community partners. I have a very clear understanding of the need for clear communications for our members.

I want to help you lead the fight for our future. For universal health care and a Government that is working for the working people, not themselves. I want to help all of the members of SEIU 503, to have a voice, whether it is in our own board room, on the job or all the way to Washington DC! When we all speak together in one voice, in unity, we can do anything! Together we CAN change the world!

Union Positions and Activities

Vice-Chair of Sub-Local 200-18
Parkway Worksite Organizer
D2 General Council Delegate 2006
Local 200 General Council Delegate 2008
DHS Bargaining Delegate
SEIU representative to the LERC Summer School Planning Committee

Union Steward
D2 Secretary
D2 CAPE Delegate
Local Central Labor Council Delegate
Women's Council member
D2 General Council Resolutions Sub-Committee chair
2008 General Council Planning Committee member
VOC committee member

Graduated from the SEIU Leadership Academy and from LERC U-Lead.

Regularly attend District 2, Statewide and Executive Board meetings.

Worked on the 2006 political campaign.

Member Organizer in San Antonio Texas.

Attended 2005 and 2007 Lobby Days.

Testified before a 2005 Senate sub-committee on the Health Care Crisis and a 2007 joint House/Senate Committee on Health Care in favor of The Healthy Kids Program.


"An intractable problem can only be resolved by stepping beyond conventional solutions." — Ozymandias

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