Secretary-Treasurer Candidate - Barbara Casey

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"An intractable problem can only be resolved by stepping beyond conventional solutions." — Ozymandias

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Re: Secretary-Treasurer Candidate - Barbara Casey

Let's record the candidate statement for posterity, and accountability.

SEIU 503 is the ultimate expression of my values. Equality, Justice, and Fighting for Positive Social Change.

I was a child in the south Bronx and the daughter of a proud member of Local 6 NY. It was his union job, a typesetter, that made it possible for us to believe in the American dream. I wear his 25 year pin today as he did every day of his life. I campaigned at 10 for JFK, at 13 I volunteered in our neighborhood's Nursing Home. Later, I marched for the War on Poverty.

After moving to Portland, I chaired the Citizens Advisory Committee for PPS and other causes. Each oportunity helped solidify my passion for the importance of giving back and the importance of playing an active role in the change I would like to see happen.

I was a child care director before I worked as a caseworker in DHS and saw first hand what incredible work child care is and how little respect the career is given. As a caseworker, I have had to make decisions that effect lives in profound ways. Lives are changed and are impacted by my work. The cards and pictures I receive from families give me hope for their future. My profession and my union volunteerism go hand and hand as I advocate for quality services for families and fair compensation and dignity for those who provide those services.

I have antoher role grandma to Delaney Beatrix and I owe to her and her generation that The Dream is still possible.

I am excited by the leadership that SEIU 503 brings to the labor movement and I assume positive intent. But intentions don't count. To solve our biggest problems we need to be bold, creative and we need to act now.

Three guiding principles for Secretary-Treasurer are Transparency, Accuracy and Accountability. 503 has a responsibility to use its members time and money well upholding the highest standards of fiscal integrity. It is my personal commitment to every member that I would uphold these principles as your next Secretary-Treasurer.

503 must increase membership, foster ownership, develop and steward strategic campaigns and build political power. We must bridge alliances across lines of race, class, age, gender, geography and employer groups in ways that empower members to own and succeed in their work.

I have taken the time to learn the process involved in governing our union successfully. For all the talking I am known for, I am also a careful listener. Comfortable with being uncomfortable, because when we all think alike nobody thinks much.

Members must have confidence in our union's leadership. My hope is I have earned that confidence and will serve you well as a person of character, conviction and common sense.

We have been able to do amazing things for working people. I can be part of your statewide team along with Linda, Sonya and Leslie bringing the experience, courage and skills needed to keep us moving forward for the future.


"An intractable problem can only be resolved by stepping beyond conventional solutions." — Ozymandias

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