Presidential Candidate - Linda Burgin

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"An intractable problem can only be resolved by stepping beyond conventional solutions." — Ozymandias

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Re: Presidential Candidate - Linda Burgin

Let's record the candidate statement for posterity, and accountability.

What are your qualifications for this office?
I have integrity. I am hard working and I am a creative problem solver. I care about our members and I am committed to the vision of the Union. I have served the members in the following roles:

  • I am currently serving as Statewide SEIU 503, OPEU Secretary/Treasurer (November 2004-present)
  • SEIU 503, OPEU Board of Directors and Executive Committee Member & Finance Committee Char (November 2004-present)
  • SEIU 503, OPEU Strategic Planning Committee (2007-08)
  • Bargaining Team, Specials Coalition, 10 years
  • President, Local 581 (2002-04)
  • Vice-President, Local 581 (2007-08)
  • Labor Management Committee, Local 581 (2002-04)
  • Mall Area Labor Leaders (MALL)

Union experience not itemized above:

  • 2007 Member Political Action Conference (MPAC)
  • SEIU 503, OPEU Strategic Planning Retreats (2005 & 2007)
  • SEIU 503, OPEU Restructure Committee Member (2005-06)
  • 2007-09 District 2 CAPE Committee
  • General Council Delegate (2002, 2004, 2006, 2008)
  • SEIU International Convention Delegate (2004, 2008)
  • Selective Salary Presentations (2001, 2003, 2005)

Why are you seeking this office?
I am seeking the office of President because I firmly believe in the democratic power of the membership of SEIU 503, OPEU. I know I have the vision, skills and experience needed to serve the members and to lead this Union into the future.

What are your goals for SEIU local 503, OPEU during your term of office?

  1. Bargain strong contracts that include fair wages and health care, protect our pensions and protect worker rights.
  2. Build political power by electing family and worker-friendly candidates.
  3. Develop better channels of communication to build activism, solidarity and strength.
  4. Provide infrastructure and support to newly established locals, while also meeting the needs of long-established locals.
  5. Encourage intelligent union growth that builds power for the membership.

What is the biggest single issue the union will face during your term?
We need to look at restructuring Oregon's tax system so that we can win funding for our contracts and the quality services we provide. Our families and our communities deserve no less!

How would you propose to resolve it?
We need to continue to fight for creative solutions to fund quality services. We need to insist on tax fairness! Corporations must pay their fair share. We need to restructure Oregon's tax system.

Other information to support your candidacy:

  • I have experience chairing the Board of Directors and acting as a spokesperson for Local 503.
  • I have volunteered an average of 25 hours a week for the past 15 years.
  • If elected, I can promise you that I will lead by listening to YOU, the members, and I will look for ways to engage and develop more member leaders.

I believe in this Union! That's all of us! With your support and your activism, I would be honored to serve as your president.


"An intractable problem can only be resolved by stepping beyond conventional solutions." — Ozymandias

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