Naughty Joe (Still) Must Go

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As much as we'd like to stop beating this dead horse, it just won't go away.

The good news is, Joe won't be president for much longer. Our new president, Linda Burgin, will be sworn in on November 14th. She'll take over starting with the Board of Director's meeting on November 15th.

Since Joe is all about the money, I don't expect to see him at too many union functions in the future. After all, the immediate past president isn't a paying position. It's completely volunteer time like the rest of us poor working members have to do for our activities.

The bad news is, he still might show up, just to spite us.

The other bad news is, his BOLI claim against SEIU 503 is continuing. Hopefully all of the new officers will have learned a lesson from the missteps that got us to this point. Maybe it will also help if the members, and this site, start providing a little more oversight for SEIU 503 and said officers.


"An intractable problem can only be resolved by stepping beyond conventional solutions." — Ozymandias


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