Executive Director Candidate - Michael W. Forest

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"An intractable problem can only be resolved by stepping beyond conventional solutions." — Ozymandias

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Re: Executive Director Candidate - Michael W. Forest

Let's record the candidate statement for posterity, and accountability.


My name is Mike Forest and I am running for Executive Director of SEIU Local 503. I have serious concerns in the direction our union has and is going.

Some of the isues that I feel need immediate attention are as follows:

Members: I will work to bring back members that Local 503 is alienating. These members no longer participate in the function of our union due to areas that the current leadership has involved us in. We need to revert back to the original intention of our uion: to function as a Labor Union only.

Financial Accountability/Transparency: Our union needs to have detailed financial reports available to all members in good standing regarding how our union dues are being spent and what outside organizations we are supporting. I am tired of being kept in the dark!

I am a member in good standing. Leslie Frane and Rich Peppers have denied me any and all access to the details of our accounting records and especially the Issues Fund. They are refusing me copies of specific accounting information I have requested. What are we not supposed to see as members in good standing? I support the concept of the Issues Fund. However, we need to receive answers and detailed reports as to why it is not capping off and what issues and organizations we, as a union, are supporting with this fund. Every penny counts when you are trying to survive.

All records, especially in the financial realm, need to be opened to all members in good standing. Members need to know if our leaders are good stewards of our dues! All union records and business records need to be opened and members need access.

Communication: This is a very low priority for some of our elected leaders. Transparency is a major concern and does affect membership including fair share.

Political Actions: We need to step back and allow our members to have a say in who we give money to. My experience is that my elected union official who is supposed to know my opinion and who I should support has NOT contacted me. COMMUNICATION DOES NOT HAPPEN IN THIS ARENA!

Let us work together to bring this SEIU Local back in line with the original intentions of a Labor Union. Let us work to remove leaders who have a specific agenda and do not include the concern and beliefs for all members.

We will not agree on everything, but we can find common ground with respect for each other's opinions and move forward and complete the path that is before us. This is true unity.

Ask yourself this question? What has SEIU given us that we did not have with OPEU?


"An intractable problem can only be resolved by stepping beyond conventional solutions." — Ozymandias

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