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Welcome back. My plans for a great promotion for the site have certainly gone astray. I had hoped to be well under way by this point, but that just hasn't happened. I don't want to spoil the surprise, so I can't give any details. What I can say is that I'm looking to give it another try to celebrate the New Year.

In the meantime I want to pass along a great tidbit that I heard from another member. In these days of furlough, we're all going to be feeling the economic pinch even more. If you happen to be a home-owner (home borrower?), your mortgage can be a rather large part of your monthly budget. If so, there are a couple things you can do right now:

  • Look into refinancing. Rates are still low, and are bound to go up. If you already have an incredible deal, great! If not, you may be able to save yourself a lot of money. (No, this isn't the tidbit, just good sense.)
  • Now here's the one I hadn't thought of. Even if you can't refinance, or don't want to, you have another option. Contact your mortgage holder and ask them about a hardship discount. Furloughs represent a reduction in pay. That may qualify as a hardship for you. It may only be a slight reduction, or for a limited time, but every few dollars helps.

Remember, the companies holding the mortgages won't be advertising these programs. You have to ask. And even if you don't qualify for your lender's program, it won't hurt to ask.


"An intractable problem can only be resolved by stepping beyond conventional solutions." — Ozymandias


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