Union Election Proceedings Start

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Hopefully everyone has received the latest copy of The 503 Voice. This is a hugely important issue that everyone should read.

Page 1 starts out with a bang, covering the YES campaign. This is the campaign to pass Measures 66 and 67 at the special election in January. If you aren't familiar with this issue, you should be! The estimated $733 Million budget deficit that will be created if these measures fail will affect far more than just SEIU 503 members. It will affect critical services for the citizens of Oregon.

Please vote YES on Measures 66 and 67!

The real meat of this issue is the coverage of the election process for SEIU 503 and its locals. This is huge! It covers all of the SEIU 503 officers, General Council Delegates, and Bargaining Delegates.

This is your chance to influence the course our Union takes. If you have considered running for office in the past, you have another chance now. The nomination forms are available on the SEIU 503 web site. If you know someone who you think would be a good officer, truly representing the membership, encourage them to run.

Look for further exposition (and opinions) in other pieces here on Eye On The 503. In fact, write one yourself. Voice your opinion about what we should be looking for in our leaders!

Please VOTE in the upcoming union elections! Your vote does count. Probably a lot more than you think!


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