September Bargaining Update

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The biggest news right now is that OUS has reached a tentative agreement. If you have more information on this, or the of the other ongoing bargaining, please post that information here.

The vote on the DAS tentative agreement is imminent. We'll update when those results are known as well.

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Re: September Bargaining Update

Quick update. OUS reached their tentative agreement last Friday night around midnight. Childcare workers have also reached a tentative agreement and their ballots should be (going) out.

That leaves us wating for some sort of advance for the AHF folks.

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Re: September Bargaining Update

Ballot counting for DAS starts this morning at 9:00 A.M. Counting continues through tomorrow.

I understand that some people are saying the results will be posted tomorrow. If counting gets done and the vote is certified, that may happen. But remember that the official letter that came with your ballot stated:

Results will be posted at no later than 5pm on Monday, September 14, 2009.


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Re: September Bargaining Update

Thursday, this announcement was sent out about the OUS tentative agreement:

We are pleased to announce to DAS members that our OUS brothers and sisters have reached a hard-won tentative agreement on a two-year contract  that is substantially similar to our contract with the state. Details are on the web site,

Theirs was no small achievement given the determined objective of OUS negotiators to deny classified university workers parity with DAS workers. In the end, it took serious strike preparation, highly visible workplace actions, intervention by a number of our friends in the legislature, strong alliances with unionized and non-union OUS employees in other areas, and a public campaign that included paid radio ads and earned media to bring OUS back to the bargaining table with a fair and reasonable contract offer.

The OUS Bargaining Team has expressed its appreciation to us for all of our calls and emails to the Chancellor and our steadfast support. In turn we congratulate the 4,000 classified university workers and stand in admiration of how firm they remained in the face of intense pressure. Their achievement will serve to benefit us all in the future by demonstrating yet again that there is strength in unity.

Ballots on our contract ratification are being counted now. The tally should be complete by Friday and when it is the results will be posted on the web.


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Re: September Bargaining Update

They finished the DAS contract ratification count today. No surprise, it passed.

   I am happy to announce that the contract has been ratified.  With an overwhelming majority, 88% of the vote, SEIU members have ratified the 2009-2011 contract with DAS.
   Later today details will be available at


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Re: September Bargaining Update

Today's official DAS ratification notice:

Members of the DAS unit have overwhelmingly ratified a new two-year contract by an 8-1 margin. And while few of us would celebrate a contract that freezes steps for a year, has no general increase and includes 10-14 furlough days, the 88% yes vote affirms our belief that this settlement represents a fair result given the economic times we are in. Our health coverage has been maintained, the 10th step assures an ultimate pay increase for all workers and services will be preserved for Oregonians grappling with a 12.2% unemployment rate. We have also made real progress in contractor accountability, and classification of front-line workers.

We can hold our heads high only because we lobbied and chanted, went on radio and into the streets, and won support in the community and the legislature. But make no mistake. The journey is not over. The strides we have made on such issues as tax fairness, service quality and shared sacrifice will surely come under attack and we must be vigilant in their defense.

For more information, including a comment from DAS Bargaining Chair Kermit Meling, please log on to [SEIU 503].


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Re: September Bargaining Update

With September coming to a close, so do the contract negotiations.

OUS finished bargaining on September 4th. Their ballots are out right now. They managed to get:

  • Healthcare (part of the DAS contract actually)
  • One year step freeze
  • 8, 12, 14, or 16 furlough days based on salary

That's good news.

Childcare workers also managed to negotiate a contract. Of course, it is, by its nature, different than DAS or OUS. There's no raises, but rates are holding level (as opposed to major reductions). And with some federal funding (not sure if they have this all worked out yet), there's the possibility of healthcare for these workers. We also finally get a union presentation for new workers, and they have a grievance process now.

And the last I heard for Homecare and AFH workers was that they had declared impasse.

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