Proposed budget cuts announced

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The Oregon budget committee revealed their proposed budget cuts today.

Their proposal has to deal with a shortfall of $800 Million to make up by June 30th, 2009. Part of the money is coming from the Federal Aid package of $330 Million. Another $125 Million is coming from "other state accounts." Exactly which accounts that is, isn't clear from the reports seen.

Education may be hit hard. There is a possibility of cutting 5 school days from this year. Couple that with an additional $167 Million in cuts to aid to public education. Not pretty. Arguments appear to be heating up over dealing with the situation this year by allocating reserve funds to cover the cuts, or save the reserves for the 2009-11 budget when things may be much, much worse.

The rest of the $362 Million in cuts would come from various agencies, etc. This includes the Oregon State Police possibly losing the 39 trooper positions that were aproved for the new biennium.

And the news gets worse. The quarterly economic and revenue forecast is set to come out Friday morning. Look for a number in the Billions--yes, with a 'B'.

As members of SEIU 503, what can we expect from all this? More layoffs. Abysmal contracts.

What can you add to the list?

Update: After reviewing documentation from the Legislative Fiscal Office, the $125 Million coming from other accounts is truly coming from a large number of sources. It's actually closer to $126 Million, with $53.2 Million coming from the emergency fund. The other $72.6 is coming from a total of 43 sources across the state.


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