Statewide Officer Elections

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The time is here for the next SEIU 503 statewide officer elections. Ballots were mailed out yesterday (19-Sep-2008). They're due back to HQ by 14-Oct-2008.

I encourage everyone to vote! If you don't participate in choosing the new leaders of SEIU 503, you really don't have any excuse for complaining if someone you don't want gets chosen. And for all the fair share people, remember that the first step to having a voice is to sign up for full membership.

Who are the candidates you ask? We have nine candidates running for the four statewide offices:


  • Linda Burgin
  • Tony Cracolice

Vice President

  • Sonya Reichwein
  • Nancy Padilla


  • Barbara Casey
  • Carlie K. Jackson

Executive Director

  • Leslie Frane
  • Michael W. Forest
  • Maggie Neel

The SEIU 503 web site has the list of candidates, their e-mail addresses, and their answers to the application questions.

Let's open the discussion of the candidates. What's good, bad, or otherwise? The candidates are invited to participate, answer questions, or maybe ask some of their own. Join us in the forum for more.


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